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A Formal Welcome and Introduction

Where do I begin?  Well, I suppose I should begin, as one does, with an introduction.  Please, call me Elanor.  As my profile states, I am a Christian young lady; I love the Lord and aspire to please Him. I also love to write.  I truly cannot stop.  Writing your thoughts can be so much easier at times than speaking them, don't you agree?

Assuming I get some readers and fellow bloggers to visit my site, I thought that writing out my thoughts to a small portion of the world and getting their thoughts on the same things in return would be fun...

Hence, the blog you now see coming together here.

My blog will essentially contain a little bit of everything, and I hope there are readers out there who will enjoy my musings and will take the time to leave me a comment as well.

I am obviously quite new to this blogging thing, but I hope to be somewhat successful in it.  That said, I apologize if my first post is a complete mess.

But without any further ado, I'd like to welcome you to my blo…