A Few of My Favorite Things


   As a new blogger, I realize I should continue to share more about my self.  When thinking of a way to do this, the song from one of my favorite musicals came to mind: "A Few of My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music.  And, my, my, do I have quite a few favorite things!  People who know me well tell me often enough that I am rather indecisive.  It is very, very, VERY hard for me to pick a favorite out of any category.  But, for the sake of this post, I will try.

I'll start out by stating that my favorite color has always been and always will be PINK.  Any shade from coral to rose to magenta.  Some people could actually define me  by that color because there are few among my acquaintance that find it at all attractive (which I fail to understand).  Alright, now that that's out of the way...


One of the first things I love are books.  If you are a bibliophile like myself, you know the sweet sensation of opening a brand new book. The smell of the fresh, unread pages.  The feel of it fitting nicely in your hands.  The sight of all those beautiful, inky words strung together one after another to weave a brilliant story that will make you want to ignore everything else...
People know I love to read and often ask those two typical questions: Who's your favorite author?  What's your favorite book?
Well, the answer to the first is simple.  Jane Austen.  Always and forever.  I read Sense & Sensibility five years ago (when I was eleven) at my mother's (fellow Janeite) recommendation and was hooked.  As to the second...that is much more difficult to answer.  It is between Emma and Pride & Prejudice.  While I loved all of Austen's novels, I have a hard time choosing between those two.  They are the best books I've ever read.  Second to those, Anne of Green Gables remains a top favorite of mine as well.

 I adore movies as much as I adore books.  My sisters and I can quote movies tirelessly, and we watch our favorites over and over again, for, you see, they never grow old.  Besides Jane Austen adaptations, what movies do I like?  My taste in movies is much more varied than my taste in books.  I do love other period dramas from the fictional such as Bleak House (my favorite Charles Dickens) to nonfictional like The Young Victoria.  I also enjoy musicals and  Disney movies, too.  And, though I have not read the books--yet--I love, love, love The Lord of the Rings!  Seriously, those are some of my favorite films of all time.  For more movies I would recommend, you can view my blogger profile.  There are simply too many to list. 


    I am not really into many TV shows that are currently airing here in the US.  Just patiently awaiting Sherlock season 4.

  So let's get a different sort of list going to keep this post from being way too long, shall we?  Here's a list of  random favorites (questions provided by my best friend) that stray a bit from the typical what's your favorite _____ questions.

Favorite vacation spot?  That would be the fabulous Caribbean island of Puerto Rico.  It's one of the most amazingly beautiful places in creation, and I would love to go back for another visit.
Image result for tangled 

Favorite Disney animated movie?  Tangled.  Yes, I have a lot of favorites, because I am a huge Disney fan, but when it comes right down to it, Tangled would be the one I'd pick if I could only watch one for the rest of my life.  Even though I know it by heart.

 Favorite holiday?  Christmas, without a doubt.  There's so much to love about the Christmas season.  (And that's another post in itself.)

Favorite sport?  Does dance count?  I have been dancing and tumbling for most of my life.  I also really like baseball (Go, STL Cardinals!).  In the Olympics, I like to watching gymnastics and ice skating.


Favorite musical?  Wow.  That's too hard.  I adore The Phantom of the Opera.  But there are so many like Into the Woods, Wicked, The Sound of Music... ugh! I can't pick.

Favorite hobbies?  Reading, writing, singing and dancing, taking pictures of EVERYTHING.

So there's a bit more about me.  Hope you enjoyed. :)


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