Life's Questions Tag

 It seems I should do an all about me post so you can get to know me better.  So here we go.  I decided to use this tag from Ruth @ Amongst Spring Blossoms.

Life's Questions Tag

1. How many brothers and sisters do you have?   
Just two sisters.

2. Are you the eldest of the children? If not, what number are you then?
I am the eldest, yes.

3. Do you collect/save stuff?
Yes!  I really collect books.  But I do save pretty much everything that has the least little bit of meaning to me.

4. Do you have a job?
I am actually still looking for my ideal first job.

5. How do you celebrate your birthday?
First, I get a homemade breakfast in bed and the day off from school (homeschool).  In the evening, my mom makes my favorite dinner and a delectable cake, and afterwards I open my gifts and cards.  The day after my birthday, my dad takes me to a restaurant of my choice for a special date.

6. Do you have your own bedroom or do you share it?
I have my own room.

7. How late do you go to bed?
It really depends on the night.  I try to go to bed by eleven on school nights.  There's no telling how late I am up on weekends.  I do need to get into a better habit of more sleep, though.

8. Do you study a language (except for your birth language)?
Sí. ;) I am currently studying Spanish.  I also took French.

9. Do you play any instruments?
I do play the pianoforte--only a little and very poorly.

10. How often do you drink tea?
As often as I can!  I love tea.

11. Do you have a large garden?
It is a decent size, I suppose.  We don't have a flower or vegetable patch, but I am pretty sure my mom would love to begin one if we could.

12. What do you like better, Jane Austen movies or Downton Abbey?
Oh, Jane Austen, to be sure.  She simply cannot be beat.  Not even by the amazing Downton Abbey.

13. Can you read a book in an hour?   
Depends on the book. :) I could not read Les Misérables in an hour!

14. Do you ever feel like visiting great places?
Every day!

15. Do you like drawing and/or painting?
I dabble a bit, but I wish I had talent.  (Picture Harriet's watercolor in Emma 2009... ;)


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