Sunday, October 23, 2016

What I Love About Fall
  Here in the US, fall has arrived.  As the temperature dips down below seventy degrees, I find myself already missing summer!  But I do love autumn for many reasons.

  First,  where I live, the leaves of our trees turn beautiful shades of gold and scarlet.  It creates fantastic backdrops for pictures and a calming atmosphere for an afternoon stroll.  I just love to look at the colorful leaves scattered along the ground, distracting me from the cloudy grey sky.

  Campfires are another delightful part of the fall season.  It's so fun to pull on jeans and a sweatshirt and gather around a fire to toast marshmallows, all the while laughing and chatting.  My family and I had this pleasure on a Labor Day weekend camping trip we took earlier this month.  There's something about being out late in the chilly air under a star-speckled sky framed by the silhouettes of pine boughs.  Yes the outdoors are fabulous in the autumn.  But indoors, too, become all nice and cozy.  And then there is hardly anything more pleasant than curling up with a book and a cup of hot tea, perhaps with rain pattering against the windows and a pumpkin pound cake baking in the oven.
  Oh, and I love the autumn decor!  There are a few holidays in the fall season, and, while I am not particularly fond of the creepy decorations for Halloween, I do adore the leaves and pumpkins, mums, haybales, and scarecrows typically used in fall decorating.  My mom manages to transform our house into a warm, homey fall cottage, where everything smells of pumpkin spice and apple.

  Fall fashion is, of course, another great part of the season.  Sweaters, leggings, boots, and scarves and all the deep colors like plum and mustard, burgundy and taupe.  I love putting together outfits for my annual fall fashion shoot, where I dress up my sisters in their cutest fall clothes, do up their hair, and take lots and lots of pictures of them posing outside amid the falling leaves and misty skies.  It is such fun!

  Then there's the food.  Soups and delectable desserts.  Not to mention Thanksgiving feast.  Yes, autumn is one of the most delicious seasons, from chili to apple dumplings.  My mouth is watering just writing about it!  And let's not forget apple cider and hot cocoa which further increase the coziness of the descent into winter.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

New Look

 I have decided it's time for a new look here on my blog.  I've had the same header and background since I started in August, and I know that hasn't been that long but I needed something more October-y, I suppose.  So, yes, I've given the blog a breath of fresh air.  

Have a wonderful evening!

(Original Look:)

Friday, October 07, 2016

Anne of Green Gables Week: Kickoff Tag

 Miss Evie of  Over the Hills is hosting Anne of Green Gables Week, and, as a huge Anne fan, I am thrilled about it!


 Here are my answers to her kickoff tag:

1. How did you get introduced to Anne of Green Gables?
     My mom has loved the series since she was in jr. high, so I kinda grew up with it.  She read the books to my sisters and me, and we all loved the movies together. Image result for anne shirley megan follows

 2. Are you more like Anne or Diana?  Why?

  Definitely Anne.  I am very imaginative, and just like with her that sometimes gets me into trouble.  When Anne forgets to put the cloth over the pudding sauce because she was distracted by her imaginings...yeah, that would be exactly the kind of thing I would do.  I tend to cause other people to laugh at my expense.  I am stubborn and sometimes quite silly.  I could go on and on.  So, yes, I am Anne.  (If only I had red hair and freckles!)

3. If Rachel Lynde called your hair as red as carrots, how would you react?
     Probably not as angrily as Anne.  I like red hair :)

4. Gilbert or Morgan Harris?
      Gil, of course <3  This is one of my favorite scenes.

Related image

5. Honest opinion on the third Anne film.
      I suppose it was alright.  I love Anne, and she never changes.  I cried more in this one, but I wish it had been more true to the books.

6. Have you seen the new Anne film?
      There's a new one?  I was not aware.  Somehow.

7. What, in your own words, is a Kindred Spirit?

Image result for anne and diana
      A Kindred Spirit is one who  shares similar thoughts and opinions with you, and more than that, I think.  I mean, a Kindred Spirit isn't just any friend.  They are sympathetic to the human plight, like Miss Stacy, right?  They are bosom friends, like Diana...people who can more than relate to you, but have the same feelings and thoughts.  Or maybe they are so opposite you that they attract.  I would say it can't be limited to one definition.  There are many different kinds of Kindred Spirits.  (I have no idea if that sounds right at all, but I'm going with it.)

8. Movie Gilbert or Green Gables Fables Gilbert?
      Movie Gilbert.  (I have never seen GGF.)

9. Does anyone know where we can watch Road to Avonlea online?
      Sorry, no :/

10. Favorite book cover?

I think this one is a charming little cover.

11. The films or the books?
       As much as I LOVE the movies, I have to slightly prefer the books.  There's a lot in the movies, but there's so much more in the books.  Those are some of my favorite books ever, which are probably due for a third read sometime in the near future.  (Some books just deserve to be read three times, right?) 

Check out Miss Evie's blog for more Anne every day for a week.  (Link is in the side bar.)

Thursday, October 06, 2016

Pride & Prejudice

 Displaying image1.jpeg
 This is my old and well-loved 1945 copy of Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice.  It actually belonged to my mom (and before that I'm not sure; it is very old), but she also has another, newer copy of it, so she gave this one to me in 2012, when I first read it.  (Has it really only been a little over  four years?!  It seems like ages.)  

 Pride & Prejudice is arguably Austen's most popular and well-known novel, and it's one of the best, as well.  It wasn't the first Jane Austen I'd ever read, but it pushed me over the line into the current obsession I now have with all things related to Austen and her world.

 For anyone who hasn't read the book or seen the movie (and if you haven't, you totally should do both!), I will lay out a brief intro in my own words, beginning with the opening line of the book:

 "It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of good fortune must be in want of a wife."
 It all begins when Charles Bingley- said single, rich man- relocates to Netherfield Park, a country estate near Longbourn, the Bennet residence.  Mrs. Bennet is determined before she even meets him that he will marry one of her five daughters.  Upon their first meeting, Bingley is immediately smitten with the lovely eldest, Jane, while his best friend, the excessively rich and proud Mr. Darcy, looks down his nose on the entire community, especially the Bennets.  This causes him to clash with the lively, witty second eldest daughter, Elizabeth who has formed an unfavorable first impression of him.
  Seriously, I count this classic among my most favorite stories ever written.  It's just so good and clever and all around funny with memorable characters and such sweet romance.  *Warning: Some spoilers ahead.*

 Elizabeth Bennet is a fabulous heroine.  And, well, if you have not at least once in your life heard of Mr. Darcy and all his greatness...where have you been for the last two hundred years?  Mr. Darcy is like some sort of standard that everyone compares men to.  He sets the bar pretty high.  The only guys who are right up there with him are...fictional.  (Comment if you want a fictional character crush post!)

Image result for pride and prejudice 2005 elizabeth and mr. darcy

 My favorite part of P&P is...well, it cannot be limited to one part, but it is simply any exchange between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy.  Their witty banter is so adorable.  I love the way their story plays out amid all the other things going on around them.  The best part of the romance between Lizzie and Darcy is the way they change each other for the better.  Darcy is humbled when she refuses to marry him, telling him exactly what she thinks of him.  He doesn't want her of all people to think badly of him, which causes him to do everything he can to make things right.  When Lizzie sees the goodness in him, she, of course, learns not to be so prejudiced upon first impression.  It's really a story anyone could learn from.

 The story takes so many twists and turns that it was hard to put down when I first read it, having then not yet seen any of the film adaptations.  I really should re-read it, I think, sometime in the near future.

 Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the book: 
Thanks for taking a moment to listen to me ramble about this fantastic work of fiction.  Comment below and tell me your favorite P&P quote or part of the story. :)