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What I Love About Fall

Here in the US, fall has arrived.  As the temperature dips down below seventy degrees, I find myself already missing summer!  But I do love autumn for many reasons.
  First,  where I live, the leaves of our trees turn beautiful shades of gold and scarlet.  It creates fantastic backdrops for pictures and a calming atmosphere for an afternoon stroll.  I just love to look at the colorful leaves scattered along the ground, distracting me from the cloudy grey sky.

Campfires are another delightful part of the fall season.  It's so fun to pull on jeans and a sweatshirt and gather around a fire to toast marshmallows, all the while laughing and chatting.  My family and I had this pleasure on a Labor Day weekend camping trip we took earlier this month.  There's something about being out late in the chilly air under a star-speckled sky framed by the silhouettes of pine boughs.

  Yes the outdoors are fabulous in the autumn.  But indoors, too, become all nice and cozy.  And then there is har…

New Look

I have decided it's time for a new look here on my blog.  I've had the same header and background since I started in August, and I know that hasn't been that long but I needed something more October-y, I suppose.  So, yes, I've given the blog a breath of fresh air.  

Have a wonderful evening!

(Original Look:)

Anne of Green Gables Week: Kickoff Tag

Miss Evie of  Over the Hills is hosting Anne of Green Gables Week, and, as a huge Anne fan, I am thrilled about it!

 Here are my answers to her kickoff tag:

1. How did you get introduced to Anne of Green Gables?

     My mom has loved the series since she was in jr. high, so I kinda grew up with it.  She read the books to my sisters and me, and we all loved the movies together.

 2. Are you more like Anne or Diana?  Why?

Definitely Anne.  I am very imaginative, and just like with her that sometimes gets me into trouble.  When Anne forgets to put the cloth over the pudding sauce because she was distracted by her imaginings...yeah, that would be exactly the kind of thing I would do.  I tend to cause other people to laugh at my expense.  I am stubborn and sometimes quite silly.  I could go on and on.  So, yes, I am Anne.  (If only I had red hair and freckles!)
3. If Rachel Lynde called your hair as red as carrots, how would you react?
     Probably not as angrily as Anne.  I like red hair :…

Pride & Prejudice

This is my old and well-loved 1945 copy of Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice.  It actually belonged to my mom (and before that I'm not sure; it is very old), but she also has another, newer copy of it, so she gave this one to me in 2012, when I first read it.  (Has it really only been a little over  four years?!  It seems like ages.)  

 Pride & Prejudice is arguably Austen's most popular and well-known novel, and it's one of the best, as well.  It wasn't the first Jane Austen I'd ever read, but it pushed me over the line into the current obsession I now have with all things related to Austen and her world.

 For anyone who hasn't read the book or seen the movie (and if you haven't, you totally should do both!), I will lay out a brief intro in my own words, beginning with the opening line of the book:

 "It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of good fortune must be in want of a wife."  It all begins when Ch…