Five Character Crushes: A Silly Side of Me

Hello, everyone!  And happy November to you all.  I cannot believe that it is November already, and the holidays are getting closer and closer every day.  This is my favorite time of year, so you may expect some enthusiastic posts.  

I have been absent from Blogger for a short while; I got a bit busy.  I wanted to post, I truly did, but I couldn't find a spare moment.  Now that I have got one, I wrote up a silly little ramble that just shows you what a ridiculous, moony girl I can be at times.

Ok, so I decided to do a post on my character crushes because I know I am not the only girl who fantasizes about the guys in books and movies.  There are so many fictional men who are so far superior to the real life guys.  I know there's Mr. Darcy, but let's look beyond him...

1.   Faramir

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    You may be surprised that of all the fantastic male characters in Middle-Earth I would choose him, but Faramir is way underappreciated.  He has so many good qualities.  First, he let Frodo and Sam go even when he believed doing so would forfeit his life.  He is courageous and hopeful, loyal to his country and and his father, however awful the latter treats him.  Then he has only love for his brother rather than jealousy, which shows a mark of true excellent character.  Plus, he is quite romantic in his own way when he is with his fair maiden in the House of Healing.  So yes, I would pick Faramir over Aragorn, Legolas, and even Samwise Gamgee.

2.    Prince Kit

                         Image result for prince kit      

       Alright, it's no secret that from the moment I caught sight of those dreamy blue eyes and that charming grin I was head-over-heels for Cinderella's handsome prince.  Kit has more than just fabulous looks, however.  He appreciates courage and kindness, and he is determined to marry for love rather than advantage. *dreamy sigh*  He doesn't abuse his power as a prince and later a king, but instead rules wisely and generously.  Finally, Kit looks beyond outward appearances and focuses on true beauty within.  He could have married any rich, gorgeous, and snobby princess, but instead he chose a poor, sweet, and humble maid.  But it doesn't hurt that he is also handsome (which, as Elizabeth says, a man ought to be if he possibly can).

3.    George Knightley
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      Besides Mr. Darcy, Jane Austen has some other heartthrob heroes.  Mr. Knightley is one of them, in my opinion.  He is a true gentleman with high standards yet a compassion for the less fortunate.  He is opinionated and passionate, but he is also sensitive and would do anything for the woman he loves.  Oh, Mr. Knightley.  He is far superior to every other man, you know.  His one fault: jealously.  But considering it was out of love, perhaps we can forgive him there.  Otherwise, Mr. Knightley is very wise and good and sensitive, and that's what I love about him.

4.    Poe Dameron

                 Image result for poe dameron

        If you're thinking that a futuristic Star Wars character seems out of place with my other character crushes, let me remind you that Star Wars really happened a long time ago, so it fits.
Anyway, I have just been in love with Poe since I saw The Force Awakens in theaters last December.  He's such a dashing, daring, fun guy.  Some people may say he is arrogant, but I don't think so.  Poe is a brave fighter pilot for the Resistance, he has no problem giving a stormtrooper a chance to do what's right, and he is then kind and encouraging to Finn.  Not to mention that he always puts others before himself.  He is willing to die in order to keep the First Order from finding the map to Luke Skywalker, and his courage is admirable.  Plus, he has such rugged good looks!  ;-)

5.    Gilbert Blythe

                       Image result for jonathan crombie gilbert blythe
       Oh, Gil.  He is so sweet and patient, a true kindred spirit if ever there was one.  I love that he never gives up on his true love, but waits for her without complaining.  He is the definition of commitment, and what girl wouldn't want that?  Also, he is ambitious and hardworking.  It doesn't matter if it takes two years or ten years, Gilbert will achieve his goals, working his way through any and every trial that comes his way.  He may seem serious sometimes, but he does have a teasing, playful side.  Granted his teasing often winds him up on Anne's cold side, but in the end he is too lovable to hold a grudge at forever.  Yeah, Gilbert Blythe is pretty much goals. Why are Gilberts so scarce in the world today?

So there you have five of my favorite character crushes.  

Comment below and tell me who you would add to the list!  It can be a character from any book or movie ever.


  1. Ooooh! I love all of these too!! I'd add
    Colonel Brandon
    Siegfried Farnon from All Creatures Great and Small
    Raoul from Phantom of the Opera
    and and and my brains not working now but I'll be back!

    1. Captain Von Trapp from the Sound of Music both the movie and when he's played by Julian Ovenden :D

    2. Oh, yes, Col. Brandon especially!

    Also... Gilbert!!!!! :-)
    (And Kit is handsome indeed. :-))

    I'd add Matthew Crawley from Downton, and Walter from Rilla of Ingleside... but you've got yourself a good list. ;-)

    1. In writing this, I had a tough time choosing my fifth - it was between Gil and Matthew. I do love Matthew so much <3

  3. FARAMIR!!!!!!!!!!😍😍
    I would add Kili from the Hobbit as well as Will Turner from The Pirates of the Carribean

  4. I like Mr Darcy and Matthew Crawley too. And Tom Branson!


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