I Just Love This Time of Year!

 It has snowed two weekends in a row, and my city is a world of white.  You can just imagine how happy it makes meThings are looking up like we just might have a white Christmas here.  I have already enjoyed hot cocoa and a book by the window as the snow falls outside

  There's just something about Christmastime.  That feeling in the air that affects everything you do, that fills you with peace even in the middle of all the craziness, that  gives you the joy of the real reason we celebrate. 
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    Our family has been enjoying the fun activities on the Advent calendar my mom made.  We have had movie nights, picnics by the tree, family game time, lights drives, and all that fun stuff.  I can't believe there are just 12 days left!

   It is so nice to be on Christmas break from school now!  But that doesn't make us any less busy.  There's a lot of shopping, baking, wrapping, etc. still to be done before the 25th.  I have some posts planned, but they may be few and far between because of the busyness.  

   In the meantime, I am going to sign off for now, and jam out to my Christmas playlist on Spotify while I decorate the tree in my room -- I have put it off for far too long! 

  What's your favorite part about Christmastime? 


  1. I love the winter too!
    But we don't have snow in Holland, sadly :(

  2. I LOVE winter also!!!! Yes, indeed, we don't have snow in Holland.

  3. Aaw, that is quite unfortunate :(


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