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The Simple Questions Tag + New Blog Look

Rachel at A Girl's Place has kindly tagged me with this list of questions she created.  So thank you, Rachel. :-)  Let's get to it!

1. How does your morning start?
The first hour of my morning is pretty typical.  You know, after I wake up I make my bed, brush my teeth, put on some soft, cheery music, and have my devotional time with a cup of tea.

2. What's your favourite colour?
     Pink!  Of course.  

3. What book are you reading right now?
     Among a few others, Crazy Love by Francis Chan -- and loving it! 

4. What is your opinion about having a mobile phone?
That's an interesting question... Well, before I had a phone, it was all I wanted.  I constantly complained that all my other ten-year-old friends had one and it wasn't fair and I begged and begged for one.  Yeah.  Then when I did get one a few years later, it was really no big deal.  I like my phone, and I'm content with it.  But I wish I could go back and convince my younger self that I didn't nee…

Jane Fairfax | An Appreciation Post | I ❤️ Austen Week

For my final contribution to I Love Austen Week, I have a post dedicated to a somewhat overlooked character in a certain Jane Austen novel.       Throughout the story of Emma Woodhouse and the few people with whom she associates, the titular character is constantly in the spotlight.  But today, I would like to shine that light on the minor heroine of Emma: Jane Fairfax.
     She may be shy and reserved, but Jane is overall a gentle, sweet, and sincerely caring young lady.  That's why I think she deserves a bit more credit than she gets.  (If you haven't read this book or seen the movies, don't worry; there are no major spoilers ahead.)
     Emma is obviously the more dominant person of the two, which makes it hard for them to relate.  At first, she is rather jealous of Jane.  In fact, she is "sick of the very name Jane Fairfax".  Why?  Because Jane "seems to gain ten new accomplishments between one [letter] and the next" and she "has friends in I…

Becoming Jane | A Review | I ❤️ Austen Week

In the history of English literature, there have been many admirable female writers from Ann Radcliffe to Charlotte Brontë to Agatha Christie.  But perhaps none have been so well-loved as Jane Austen, the writer of realistic and happily concluded novels.  Every one of her admirers wonders about the author herself.  What inspired her beloved stories and characters?  Was she ever in love herself?  

     Well, today, as part of Hamlette's I Love Austen Week, I am going to be reviewing Becoming Jane, the movie which does its best to answer those questions in a (somewhat embellished) version of Jane Austen's life story.

Becoming Jane, directed by Julian Jarrold, tells the story of a young Jane Austen (Anne Hathaway), an aspiring authoress who is interested in everything except a loveless marriage.  Believing she will be able to live by her pen someday, Jane is not looking for love.  However, "when the dashing Tom Lefroy (James McAvoy), a reckless and penniless lawyer-to-be, ent…

I ❤️ Austen Week Tag

It's finally here!  I Love Austen Week is a 7-day celebration of all things Austen hosted by Hamlette over at Hamlette's Soliloquy.  Be sure to click the image above to view other posts all about Jane Austen.  And, now, without further ado, here are my answers to the fun tag she created for the week.

   1. Which did you experience first, a Jane Austen book or a movie based on one?

     I read Sense and Sensibility, first.  The only movie I watched before I read its book was Persuasion.

   2. What is your favorite Austen book?

     That's a hard one because they are all so good... I have to say Emma though. 

   3. Favorite heroine?  Why do you like her best?

     That's even harder!  I love Elizabeth Bennet; she is such a witty, likable gal.  I feel like I relate most to Elinor Dashwood, honestly.  But I totally could be best friends with Emma Woodhouse!  I really have a reason to pick any of the 7 main heroines, but if I have to pick a favorite...I'll go with Emma Woodho…

Romantic Moments of Period Dramas

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, which is coming up this month, I would like to focus on some of the sweetest and most romantic moments of some of my favorite period dramas.  I know you all love couples who are in love every bit as much as I do, so enjoy! :-)

~The First "I Love You" ~
     This isn't really a 'romantic' moment, but it's so sweet and tugs at my heartstrings. 
Anna:  I love you, Mr. Bates.  I know it's not ladylike to say it, but I'm not a lady, and I don't pretend to be.
Bates:  You are a lady to me.  And I never knew a better one. 
*dreamy sigh*

~ The Second Proposal ~
     Alright, after Mr. Darcy's rude, condescending -- albeit, famous -- first proposal, Elizabeth is quite offended and rightfully so.  But her feelings change as Darcy himself changes and as he helps her family and makes things right.  Doing it all for her, as he himself freely admits.  So when he proposes again...
Darcy: If your feelings are what they were last…