Musings | feat. A Maleficent GIF, the Red Carpet, and a Great Quote

     Well, Happy March, everyone!  Is it spring yet?  It's hard to tell with our temperatures fluctuating as they areLast week, we went from 70F to snow in a matter of a few days, and, to be honest, I was a bit frustrated by that.  I want it to be warm!

     Anyway.  I thought I'd write up a quick post about what's going on inside my mind lately. 

     The Oscars happened on Sunday night, and I was quite pleased to see La La Land win six five awards, including Emma Stone for best actress (while looking stunning, I must say).  Yes, I watched the whole thing live.  And I was fairly disappointed with the confusion over Best Picture at the end... 
      The dresses on the red carpet, though!  Some were strange (as you come to expect), but some were gorgeous!  I'll just share with you my standout favorites:
As I said, Emma Stone stunned.
Felicity Jones looked adorable.
Hailee Steinfeld's dress was just wow!
(Watching all the glitz and glamour makes me wish I could attend such an event. *sigh*)

      Oh, and speaking of fabulous gowns, Victoria -- which showcases amazing costumes -- is coming to an end this Sunday.  I turned out liking it more than I initially thought I would.  That is mainly because of a certain adorable couple: Nancy Skerrett & Charles Francatelli.  They are so sweet!!!  (Am I the only one?)  I could keep gushing about them, but I'll spare you all and keep this post to a minimal length.

     What else can I write about?

     Hm... Well, now that March is here, some exciting things are coming up.  Like the new live-action Beauty and the Beast...
     I am convinced this is going to be one of my new favorites.  Like ever.  The casting by itself is just perfection.  Add in the beautiful music and these gorgeous sets and voila!  Instant Disney magic.  (Next Oscars? I cannot wait to see this in a few short weeks!  And I know you all are excited, too! :-)
     Alright, I need to wrap up this little rambling post.  I'll leave you with another favorite dress from the Oscars, and a great quote:
I just loved this black one on Kirsten Dunst!
 "Repression is the enemy of civilization, so keep dreaming, because the dreams we dream today will provide the love, the compassion, and the humanity that will narrate the stories of our lives tomorrow."  -Marc Platt


  1. Yes I really liked Kristen Dunst, Emma Stone, and Hailee Steinfield's dresses!

    I can't wait for Beauty and the Beast!!!!! I think it will be one of my favorite movies too!

    What a lovely quote!!!

  2. Ooh those red carpet dresses are so very pretty! My favorite of the four would have to be Felicity Jones's; it's so sweet and ballerina-esque! :)

  3. LOVED Victoria! heck I agree with everything in this post!


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