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     As I mentioned back in January and again in February, during I Love Austen Week, I have been writing my own conclusion to Jane Austen's "The Watsons".  It has been my favorite project for some time now, even though I don't have as much time to work on it as I'd like.

     After debating it for a while, I finally decided to just go for it and share a few short excerpts with you all.  And you may criticize if you wish.  I am always open to feedback, as you know.  I'm a bit apprehensive about it, but I feel like I had better just get on with it before I get too nervous and decide against it.  You know what... No.  Okay.  Here goes.

      "I anticipate meeting him, after all his good attributes have been pointed out to me so carefully by you," replied Emma warmly.
      "Yes, indeed. You will find him most agreeable."
      "I only wish we could help him a bit," Emma sighed.
      "With what, dear?"
      "With respect to my friend Miss Edwards. Mary seems so taken with Captain Hunter that I fear Sam has little chance of winning her."
      "Yes, that is too bad. I think that if he cannot have her, then there is someone better suited to him, perhaps somewhere outside of Surrey."

            Emma did not know what to say. She needed a moment to think about all that which Penelope had just related. Yes, Elizabeth had indeed been evasive. But she had still been so kind and caring. "I am very sorry about it all," was the most she could muster in reply.
           "Did I say too much?" Penelope asked uncertainly. “Was I wrong to tell you? I assure you it is all true.”

            Now, what was she to do? Whom could she trust?  It was then that Emma decided she needed to get away from Surrey.  But where should she go? She did not want to go to London.  A visit to the seaside was rather appealing, she decided.  She had visited the sea several times with her aunt, and it was there she wanted to go now.  It was the ideal plan.


  1. Hunter, Mary, and Sam.... Love triangle! Those are the best

    1. Yes, I, too, enjoy a good love triangle:)

  2. Eeeeek! You shared snippets!! *claps hands*

    These are really good. And I totally want to read more now. I find it interesting that your first paragraph deals with Sam, because he's one character that really intrigued me. If I was writing the ending to this book Sam would definitely be an important character in it. :)

    Ohhh! That second selection! What a way to create suspense. What's up with Elizabeth? What did Penelope tell Emma? PLEASE! You can't stop there!!!!

    And now Emma has no one to trust, and is going away to the seaside? ELINOR!! You are making me way too curious to know where you are taking this story. Please finish it quickly. (And then let me read it. Heehee. ;))

    1. Thanks, Miss March:)

      Yes, I was intrigued by Sam, too, when I first read the original. I knew my conclusion would have to include lots of him:)

      I'm glad I attracted your curiosity, as I fully intend to finish it and edit it it until it is well done.

      Perhaps I'll share a little more soon.

  3. Sorry this took me forever to get around to. I have now read The Watsons so this will make sense. Anyway:

    This is sounding so good! I'm intrigued, are you going to combine The Watsons with Sanditon? I can't wait for more snippits! Keep writing Elanor!


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