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Guess the Period Drama From Its Scenery | My First Game

I've seen quite a few games like this on other blogs, and I enjoy them so I thought I would try one myself.  I'm sure you all know how to play, but just in case, here are the rules: Look at the pictures, comment the name of the period drama with the corresponding number, and try to answer them all correctly.  There will be no pictures of the actors and actresses in this game, in order to make it a little harder.  Let's see how well you know the scenery of these beautiful period dramas! :-)






     I'll be posting the answers sometime next week.  I hope you enjoyed!  
*10 points for each correct answer


For those books that make me break into a grin.
     For those pink and purple skies that steal my breath.
     For those kind words of advice from my mom.
     For those melancholy spring showers.
     For those movies that move me to tears.
     For those friends who listen to me share my heart.
     For those daydreams that take me far away.
     For those ice cream cones on a warm night.
     For those last few minutes before I fall asleep.
     For those sisters that make me laugh.
     For those experiences that keep me humble.
     For those Bible verses that give me courage.
     For those talks with my dad.
     For those stories that form in my imagination.
     For those chores that give me time to think.
     For those readers who allow me to keep on blogging.
     For those songs that make my heart soar.
     For those flowers blooming outside.
     For those brief moments of pure silence and reflection.
     For those holidays that bring me such joy.
     For those cups of tea in t…

It's Been A While

It has been so quiet on my blog lately!  I've been meaning to post, truly, but...well, I won't make lame excuses.  Instead, I'll update you all!
        Here's what's been going on:
Saw Beauty and the Beast -- loved it!  It was beyond everything I could have hoped for.Started rereading Sense & Sensibility.  I can't believe how much I had forgotten!  And it is still such a good book.Been considering job possibilities and college classes for next year. Looking forward to summer, of course.  Coming up with new blog post ideas.  I'm planning to get into a better habit of posting regularly.  :-)Updated my blog look about 3-4 times before settling on my old one with a couple minor tweaks, as you can see.Oh!  And I got a lovely new spring dress for Easter.  (Hopefully, we will have spring weather before the holiday weekend!)
What's been going on with you all?