It's Been A While

     It has been so quiet on my blog lately!  I've been meaning to post, truly, but...well, I won't make lame excuses.  Instead, I'll update you all!
        Here's what's been going on:
  • Saw Beauty and the Beast -- loved it!  It was beyond everything I could have hoped for.
  • Started rereading Sense & Sensibility.  I can't believe how much I had forgotten!  And it is still such a good book.
  • Been considering job possibilities and college classes for next year. 
  • Looking forward to summer, of course. 
  • Coming up with new blog post ideas.  I'm planning to get into a better habit of posting regularly.  :-)
  • Updated my blog look about 3-4 times before settling on my old one with a couple minor tweaks, as you can see.
  • Oh!  And I got a lovely new spring dress for Easter.  (Hopefully, we will have spring weather before the holiday weekend!)
       What's been going on with you all?


  1. Good to hear from you again, Elinor!! Sounds like you've been having some good times! :) Is Sense and Sensibility your favorite Jane Austen novel?

    1. Actually, Emma is my favorite. But I do love S&S!:)

  2. Hello lovely to hear you are well, friend! Life is hurtling by at such an extraordinary rate of late, don't you think? Oh, Sense and Sensibility is one of my favourite Austen to Mansfield Park and Emma...{{smiles}} Love your new blog is just so pretty! Enjoy the warmer days of summer...
    Love and hugs!

    1. Thanks, dear friend!:) I love seeing your comments.

  3. That picture is so nice! It sounds like you have been busy! Sense & Sensiblity is so great! I, too, need to reread it!!!!

    1. Thank you, although I cannot take credit for it:)

      And yes, but busyness is good. I do love S&S!


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