{photo taken by me}

     For those books that make me break into a grin.
     For those pink and purple skies that steal my breath.
     For those kind words of advice from my mom.
     For those melancholy spring showers.
     For those movies that move me to tears.
     For those friends who listen to me share my heart.
     For those daydreams that take me far away.
     For those ice cream cones on a warm night.
     For those last few minutes before I fall asleep.
     For those sisters that make me laugh.
     For those experiences that keep me humble.
     For those Bible verses that give me courage.
     For those talks with my dad.
     For those stories that form in my imagination.
     For those chores that give me time to think.
     For those readers who allow me to keep on blogging.
     For those songs that make my heart soar.
     For those flowers blooming outside.
     For those brief moments of pure silence and reflection.
     For those holidays that bring me such joy.
     For those cups of tea in the morning.
     For those times when I can't keep from singing.
     For those opportunities to do what I love.
     For the freedom to openly worship Jesus.
     For the dreams and passions in my heart.
     For a family to share memories with.
     For a home to call my own.
     For a God who loves me so much that He sent His Son to die for me.
     For all this and more, I am thankful to Him.


  1. This is lovely! I sometimes forget to take time and really be thankful, but when I do, I really am thankful about so much!

    1. Thanks, dear:)

      I agree. I don't count my blessings nearly often enough. (Hence the idea for this post:)

  2. Awwww. Elinor! What an awesome post! I love it! :)

    Basically just "Amen" ALL OF THIS! Thanks for sharing. :D


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