Musings | A Warm Welcome to Summer

     Is it just me or did May go by ridiculously fast?  School is out for the summer here in the States, and it is so nice to be wearing capris and sandals again!  

      There are so many great things about summer, don't you agree?  I have a few goals in mind to accomplish before August rolls around.  For one, I'd like to read more and post more often.  (I should be able to with a bit more time on my hands, though even summer gets busy.)  I have a couple of tags waiting to be filled out for posting and a few other ideas for some fun summery posts. 

     I'd like to get a job and start making money to put toward college, etc. and also fill out my college application before the fall.  It's all coming up so quickly!  

     Hopefully, my family will get to take a nice vacation as well.  I must say, we need it, with as busy as life has been lately.  It will be nice to slow down and get away for awhile.  Perferably to a beach. ;-)

     One of my favorite things to do with my sisters is try out fun hairstyles.  So as I was brainstorming posts to do for the summer, I thought of one where I do hairstyles on my sister from some of your favorite period dramas.  My sister has been wanting me to try some on her for a while now, and I thought it would be even cooler if I shared the finished products with you all!  What do you think?  Any requests?

     Alright, I will now wrap up this rambling post.  Until next week, dear readers! :-)


  1. May went by so quickly it was crazy! I can't believe tomorrow is June!

    I hope you get a job that you like! Last year my younger sister and I had a job that was watering plants, a good job for a hot summer day!

    You would know my suggestion for a vacation, but there aren't really the best beaches, and it is a little far. ;) I love the going to the beach! Swimming is so much fun!!!

    Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!! That will be so much fun to read! I would love to see all the hairstyles you will do! Then I will have my little sister do them on me, or vice versa. :)

    Have a lovely summer Elanor!

  2. Your summer plans sound quite similar to mine! I'm hoping to blog more and get some reading done, well as do some studying for my SAT and other not-so-fun school-related things. ;)

    I love the idea of a post about period drama hairstyles!

    Hope you have a wonderful summer!

  3. What a lovely blog you have, Elanor! I'm glad I found you!!

    So true, May went very fast for me!

    I can't wait to read more!

    ~Miss Woodhouse


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