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Cordy's Jane Austen Would You Rather

I discovered this lovely game of would you rather -- Austen style -- over on Cordy's blog, Write On, Cordy!  I'm so excited to play, so let's get to it!

1. Would you rather summer at Abbey Mill Farm with the Martins or spend the winter in London with your aunt and uncle?

     London.  I'm definitely more of a hustle-'n'-bustle-loving city girl.  I think visiting the Martins' farm would be pleasant, of course, but I wouldn't spend an entire summer there.

2. Would you rather be carried away in the moment and insult someone in company or be overcome by horrid imaginings and have to confess your thoughts to someone you admire?

     I suppose, if I have to choose, I would rather embarrass myself than insult someone in public. 

3. Would you rather marry Mr. Bingley or Robert Martin?

     Probably Mr. Bingley.  He seems like such a fun guy.  Robert Martin, as nice as I'm sure he is, seems too serious for me.  (Not that that's a bad thing.)

4. Would you …

Eleanor Tilney | An Appreciation Post

Continuing my series highlighting the minor heroines of Jane Austen's novels, I have decided to focus on Eleanor Tilney today.  (Read my first post about Jane Fairfax.)

      From the first moment Mr. Tilney introduced Catherine and me to his sister, Eleanor, I liked her immensely.  She has a serious, yet kind and generous personality.  Her warmth and sincerity make her a much better friend than Isabella Thorpe could ever be.  

     The influence her frienship has on Catherine is obvious and quite significant as she encourages Catherine to mature and become a better lady, like herself.  Catherine instantly admires Eleanor upon first introduction, even though she is still rather loyal to Isabella.  However, by the end, Catherine learns what is really valuable in a friend.

      After losing her mother at a young age, it is clear that Eleanor is a bit lonely with only her harsh, controlling father and two brothers for companions.  She is in love with a man whom she is forbidden from s…