The One Where I Do Period Hairstyles On My Sister

     My sister and I so enjoyed creating the looks for this post!  I'll be honest here: I am a bit of a perfectionist.  So this did take a LOT of time.  At last, I am quite satisfied with the fruits of my labors.  One thousand bobbies, eighty elastics, and an entire can of hairspray is the project you've all been waiting for.

(Actually, you probably weren't waiting for it at all.  You likely forgot that I even mentioned this idea back in May.  Here you go anyway.)

⚘ Emma Woodhouse
      Emma's was rather difficult, I must admit.  I had already done this style once before, but it is extra hard to get a tight, curly look for the bun.  I am satisfied with it.  The twist is perhaps a bit more exaggerated than it should be, but it is only inspired by Emma's hairstyle.  Overall, I do love the look.  My sister does, too, and would have me do it every Sunday if it weren't so complex!

⚘ Queen Victoria
     The thing about Victoria's hairstyles is that they must be tight and sleek...and that takes a good amount of hairspray, let me tell you.  (I tried to hide the bobbies as best I could, but you can see some peeking out.)  We were quite pleased with the way this one turned out because it was totally an experiment on my part.  I just made it up based on a picture of Jenna Coleman's side profile as the Queen in ITV's Victoria.

⚘ Elizabeth...
     We're not sure on this one.  I was going for an Elizabeth Swann look, but then we thought it looked more like Elizabeth Poldark... So I'll leave it up to you: which Elizabeth is this?
     This one is far from perfect, but again, I am making it up based on what I recall from Georgian styles like in Pirates and Poldark.  I think it's quite pretty, anyway.  (Though I'd like to completely redo and perfect it.)

⚘ Mary Crawley
     This is my Downton-inspired one.  It was based off a picture of Lady Mary from behind, and I tried my best to imitate it.  It certainly has the Edwardian style I was going for, but I'm not sure if it's quite "Mary".  (Definitely not Edith, Sybil, or Rose, though, so we're naming it after the eldest Crawley sister.)

      Which one was your favorite?  Tell me in the comments below.  And, if you liked this post, please feel free to leave some suggestions/requests of your favorite period drama hairstyles for a part 2!:)

***Also, don't forget: I am doing an Ask Me Anything!  The comments are still open to more questions if you'd like to leave me a few.  I'll be doing an answer post sometime around the end of the month. 
     Thank you to everyone who's already left some questions for me.  I do so appreciate it!


  1. These are lovely. I can sometimes do updos (I've done some for family weddings, including my own), but sometimes I get too frustrated or I'm not careful).

    I think the Elizabeth style is the prettiest.

    1. Thank you, Livia!:) I definitely can relate to getting frustrated when the hair just doesn't go the way you want. It can seem to have a mind of its own sometimes:P

  2. I loved all of them! If I had the paitience, time and my sister, I would try some of these!

    (Also, I just wanna say, I really like that use of the fan :). I'm always worried about privacy and I really like this idea.)


    1. Thanks, Catherine!

      Yes, I actually took the idea from a hairstyle blog called Locks of Elegance. (It's no longer active, but it's linked above in the Emma style.) I definitely thought it was a smart thought, so I stole it for this post. I do think privacy is important, and I'm glad you agree.

  3. I like the Victoria one best, I think, as it's very elegant without looking 'fussy.'

    I have wanted my hair to look like Emma's since I first saw the Gwyneth Paltrow version when I was in my teens. I have four feet of hair right now, so really too much for an elegant bun -- the weight just pulls it off my head.

    Nicely done with all of those!

    1. This Emma style was based on Romola Garai's version, but I had completely forgotten all the elegant hairstyles that Gwyneth Paltrow's Emma wears! I might have to see if I can recreate one or two of those if I do another of these. My favorite is the one she wears while doing archery with Mr. Knightley! I have always thought it was simply adorable with the ribbon and the curls:)

      Thanks, Hamlette!

    2. That's probably my favorite too! My hair doesn't hold a curl very well most of the time, so I've always kind of envied that one.

      I've only seen the Ramola Garai version twice, so I haven't got her hair memorized, hee.

    3. I feel you. My hair has a hard time holding curl as well:/ That's why it's perfectly convenient to have a sister to try styles on!

      (Btw, I think she's rather jealous of you. Four feet of hair!?!? She would gladly give up these styles to have that length.)

    4. (When I was 35, I was like, "I want to see how long my hair will get." I'd had it waist-length all my life, but now it goes down farther than the shorts some people wear.)

  4. Yay!!! I have been waiting for this!!!!!! They are all so pretty! I just cut my hair in the middle of August, and now I am sort of wishing I hadn't! But, there are always sisters to experiment on, if there weren't you couldn't have gotten this post up!

    I love them all! I think if I could wear one I would have to wear the last one. So pretty! Though I think my favorite is the Elizabeth Swann (I've never seen Poldark, and I think it looks exactly like Miss Swann's) one. It is ssssssssoooooo pretty!!!!! You made it up yourself!? Wow!!! Oh my word, will you do my hair (when it grows out)? My older sister would look really good in the Victoria one, but she is like that actresses twin so it may just be copying.

    (By the way, with sister did you do them on? Is she the youngest or the second youngest?)

    1. Aaw, thanks, MC!

      Miss Swann, you say? Alright then, I'm glad you think so:) (Stop making me blush!!! Haha.)

      Oh, I did them on my middle sister, not my youngest.

  5. They are so awesome!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!! I always wanted to try those hairstyles, but it never worked. I really love them all. <3

  6. Oh WOW!!!!! Whoooooa. Wow. Those are absolutely amazing!!! You did an amazing job. Can you come do my hair? Thanks. :D

  7. Wow, these are AMAZING, Elanor! My favorite would have to be the one inspired by Emma, but they are all incredibly gorgeous. <3

    The Elizabeth style reminds me most of Elizabeth from Poldark, but I could definitely see how it looks like Elizabeth Swann's, too. Funny how they have the same name and sport such similar hairstyles!

    P.S. I really like your new blog layout! It's lovely. :)

    1. Thanks, Molly! I think the Emma one is my favorite, too:)

      That is just what I thought!

      Aaw, thanks. I'm glad you like it!:)

      Thanks again for commenting.


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